1. My Sting action figure looking mysterious. #WWE #TNA #WCW

  2. Sting defeats Goldberg


  3. Eating turkey burgers while watching @RealSway interview @BustaRhymes. Life

  4. I Love You Tuesday returns… Sturk covers Chingy - One Call Away, on the songs 10 year anniversary.

    Listen: http://www.sturkmusic.com/p/i-love-you-tuesday.html

  5. #ILUTuesday returns tomorrow! Here’s a hint to the song I’ll drop a verse to.

  6. At my college graduation I’m going to grab the mic & say…..

  7. My nieces & I

  8. #Cher was so pretty as a young lady. Amazing!

  9. Been jamming Ardmore Oklahoma artist South side Louie - Money Power Respect.

    That’s my fav song, right now.

    Download Music Artist Showcase on www.IASLifestyles.com to get your hands on it.


  10. Seen my bro Chance (@CT_OUTOURSPACE) cashing a check when I was going to cash a check!